Hoolihan is back to Sing On! sat down to chat with Australian musical theatre star
Kate Maree Hoolihan about life, her career and her current production: Sing On Through Tomorrow, playing at Sydney’s Sidetrack Theatre. | Read Full →

REVIEW: A Little Night Music | Opera House, Sydney

Kate Maree Hoolihan, yet another WAAPA prodigy, is Petra, saucy maid in the Egerman household. Her ample bosom is not just for show, as it upholsters magnificent lungs: she’s a stunning singer, with a self-assuredness not necessarily typical of one of relatively tender years. | Curtain Call | Read Full →

A Little Night Music

On the social periphery but, of course, even more central to the action is the straightforwardly lusty and voluptuous maid Petra; as acted and sung by Kate Maree Hoolihan Petra is both a comic and scene-stealer, while her solo, sung over her lover’s sleeping body, The Miller’s Son is a heart- and show-stopping moment.

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A Little Night Music

The Miller’s Son by Kate Maree Hoolihan, as the maid Petra, was outstanding, delivered as she contemplated her sleeping lover.

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A little offstage bonding

After a series of "jukebox" musicals - including Ben Elton's Queen musical, We Will Rock You - Hoolihan, who plays the heroine Jo, is thrilled the show has a classic story.

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Review: Unrequited

Kate Maree Hoolihan is formidable as the stubborn and hapless Gabby. Her tendency to combat her lovelorn state with constant swigs from a wine bottle provides some of the more amusing scenes. | Read Full →

Elton’s Razzle Dazzles

Wven spectacular rock musicals need a human heart and that is provided by the romance between the appealing Scaramouche, wonderfully played by Kate Hoolihan, and her eventual soulmate Galileo, a vibrant, leather-lunged Michael Falzon.

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Courage To Quit Cast Actor In Right Direction

WHEN actor Kate Hoolihan decided to pull out of one of the most popular musicals in Australia, she had no idea it would make her a star.

Two years ago, Kate Hoolihan was living in Logan, south of Brisbane, with her family, revelling in the news that she had been offered a role in the ABBA-inspired musical, Mamma Mia.

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